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Life Celebrations / Funerals

My journey as a funeral celebrant began when I had the sad but beautiful opportunity to plan my Mother-in-Law’s funeral with her during her short illness in early 2019. This experience opened my eyes to the incredibly important role a celebrant can have in supporting both a person nearing the end of their life and in supporting and guiding families when they lose a loved one.

I believe that funerals should be carefully crafted and organised to reflect the life of the person they are celebrating. I think that along with sadness and grief, there is also room for happiness, laughter and shared memories.

There is no rule book and I work hard to ensure that people making plans for their own life celebrations and families planning funerals after a loved one has passed, understand that they have the freedom to make choices that best suit them. Ceremonies can be as relaxed or as formal as they wish and can include a wide range of elements that are not necessarily a traditional part of funerals.


Anyone planning a funeral deserves kindness, warmth, empathy, understanding and somebody who is an excellent listener. I offer all of these qualities and more; I will work hard to put together a ceremony which truly celebrates your life, or the life of the person who has passed.

If you are looking for a celebrant to help you plan your own funeral, or are looking for the right celebrant to officiate a family members funeral, contact me for a chat.  

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